Warm Up

Warm Up


Warming up is an exercise sequence before your workout gym.

If you are a sport or do aerobic exercise, warm up your cardiovascular system should prepare yourself for the rigors of this workout or event. The warm up should be designed to elevate core body temperature and run low – this is not a workout in itself!

Similarly, when lifting weights, warming should be relevant. You should perform warm-up series of any exercise you should perform. In general, I suggest 2 to 4 sets of warm-ups (starting with a very light weight) each year before sets of work the same year. The heating sets are used to warm up the use of the muscles in progress locally and lubricate the corresponding joints.

In a gym session that relates to both disciplines as a resistance gymnastics workout with weights, I would be inclined to suggest aerobic warm up followed by a warm up, although it may warrant less heat series.

According to most subjects, warming is open to debate on the best methods. As always, I suggest to adapt things for the individual and for their efforts. Remember that the purpose of change is to help improve performance and avoid injury.

This page is an excerpt from the acclaimed gym workout book: Maps for Success.

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