Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar ordered to stand trial on sexual assault charges

Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar ordered to stand trial on sexual assault charges


A judge Friday ordered Larry Nassar, a longtime physician in Michigan and US gymnastics for a sexually abusing trial of six young gymnasts who reported that he then whipped to seek treatment for various injuries.

Judge Donald Allen Jr. made his decision in Mason, Mich., After hearing the testimony of gymnasts for two days and seeing an interview with Nassar police.

“He convinced these girls that it was a legitimate type of treatment,” said Angela Povilaitis, Allen’s Deputy General Counsel at the hearing. “Why the question? Why interrogate this gym god?


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Nassar’s gymnasts constantly said they penetrated them with their non-greedy hands, sometimes while their parents were in the room at their Michigan state clinic, at their home and at a Lansing gymnastics club. Some accusations go back to 2000.

Nassar was a doctor in Michigan State and USA. Gymnastics, which forms the Olympians, until last year.

Prosecutors played a video of a 40-minute interview between campus police and Nassar last summer. He said he did not feel the sexual pleasure to treat gymnasts, but also said that if he had an erection, as stated by a gymnast, “it is quite embarrassing.”

Nassar faces three other criminal cases, including a federal court alleging that there were images of sexual abuse of children. He pleaded not guilty. Separately, it was sued by dozens of women and girls.

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