Entrepreneurs Must Realize That Virtual is the Reality in the New World

Entrepreneurs Must Realize That Virtual is the Reality in the New World


Finding the right dress for men should not be so difficult, right? False. I do not like the shopping ritual. My patience does not last more than three stores, all in the same mall of preference. The process seems rather to find a needle in a hay wax cherry trowel. There must be a better way.

My work in a 3D printing company gives me an insight into the next generation innovation rings that are changing the world. If there is a phrase that I can use to describe the future that is fast approaching, it would be the “blurred lines” – blurring rigid technological frames that we have accepted as gospel truth. I explain.

The world of atoms

The foundations of the old era, if I may call it, based on two separate but important pillars. The first is the world of atoms – physical, tangible and real matter that we can touch and manipulate. And with the industrial revolutions – the assembly lines, massive and homogeneous production have become the hallmark of the world of atoms.

The World Parts

The other pillar is the world of bits – digital binary software. The Internet has infiltrated all areas of our daily lives, a true incarnation of “democratized information”. The world of bits defining characteristic is its adaptability: the software can be customized according to the needs of the user with little or no additional cost. In this case: your FB feed is a clear extension of your beliefs, interests and social options, just like the flow of all others.

The two worlds collide

In recent years, opportunities in the bit world far outstripped those in the atomic world, resulting in waterproof silos among the hardware and software companies they stare at. Any other college child wants to create the next Facebook or Flipkart, but hardly hear about another apple.

One thing is certain: unless you do not break the silos, India will have to struggle to follow other nations in terms of innovation and progress – the world of atoms and the world of pieces collide. At the heart of this collision is the opportunity to re-imagine the world and how we live it. Technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and robotics are no longer a figment of a sci-fi writer’s imagination. These tools are real, and they are available now.

The virtual is the new reality

Scroll down a few years later, in the future, to a happier life. I love shopping. I do my hair and VR walked into a custom mall that has clothes, accessories and handheld devices selected according to which an artificial intelligence system predicted that I would like.

I can ask for a judgment for something that I love and I see myself instantly, or rather my avatar in the new image.

This avatar is a 3D replica of me says it was created using a portable 3D scanner that same measure the most accurate differences between the left foot and the right foot.

I like what I see, but I prefer a slightly more sober color. No problem! The new color is instantly processed photographic quality. I just bought more than I would like to admit, but complained that all this is done and delivered within three days of commission?

I came to manage seamless jumps between the worlds of Bits and Atoms almost in a natural way, and life seems impossible to imagine before they were invented. As an entrepreneur, it is imperative to keep in mind that the new world is without borders and definitions.

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