Adobe Photoshop for the Family Photographer

Adobe Photoshop for the Family Photographer


As photographers, we have long known the power of digital photography and the amazing capabilities of today’s digital imaging programs. It’s hard to imagine a time when you can not correct or enhance an image with a few mouse clicks and your current copy of Adobe Photoshop. After all, Photoshop has been on the market since 1990. But for the novice photographer, the casual snap shooter, even mothers and fathers out there with their loyal point and shoot, the idea that they can manipulate your family photos It must have seemed like magic that only professional photographers and computer gurus do. Not now. A simple design software, even for the occasional user has brought the digital image into the mainstream.

This became apparent when even ABC News correspondent Kate Snow arrived at the NYI headquarters to take a “sign of the times” segment for the Nightline show. The theme of the program was the impact of the digital image on the family photo album. Today is not only advertising and commercial photography are photoshopped – photos in your family’s scrapbook are too! And, more often than not, the manipulation of images is done by his Aunt Sally or his 10-year-old son, not the local photo lab. How is that a “sign of the times!”

Thus JNI faculty advisor for our digital photography classes, Ted Fisher, publicly demonstrated ABC Nightline several examples of how Adobe Photoshop and other digital imaging programs can improve or correct problems commonly encountered in wedding pictures, family vacation photos And portraits.

If you missed the Nightline episode, do not be afraid. Here are some tips you can use to correct mistakes in your own photographic images. And we’ll even show you some ways to have fun with your pictures too! This example will use the full version of Adobe Photoshop, but you can do similar tasks using Photoshop elements or other digital imaging programs.

If Photoshop is completely unknown to you and you want more, consider browsing the NYIP photoshop course online. You will be taught how to edit your photos as a professional. Adobe Certified Experts will guide you step by step through Adobe Photoshop, the most popular photo editing software in the world. It learns of size, cut, retouch, masks, layers and dyes. Guided tutorials are loaded with tips and shortcuts to find everything you need to do to create the best possible versions of your photographs. Throughout our course photo edition, completing a series of photographic projects that will put your skills to the test. Your teacher, a professional photographer with years of experience in Photoshop, will review your work and share your comments.

Mix and match.

Take a picture of a couple, only to find out that if one person looks terrible, the other person’s eyes closed? Take a family vacation in life and end up with a single photo in which everyone looks at the camera. We all have! Often, these disappointing family photos end up in the trash, or remain on the record as a sad reminder of the photograph they wish they had taken. For Nightline, Adobe Photoshop was used to repair a formal wedding portrait in which someone at the wedding party had his eyes closed. We took the baby’s face from a photo and placed it in another photograph where she had her head turned. We did a stupid and funny photograph we did the exchange from one person to another. This may seem difficult, but it’s worth the good work if you can take a photo is not so good for a special event and turn it into a memorable image.

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